Aid to Navigation Work Boats

Birdon was responsible for the construction of three 12 metre Aid to Navigation work boats for the Queensland Government.

The Aid to Navigation (AtoN) work boats are used for the installation and maintenance of Aids and for essential, general marine operations including oil spill response, waterways maintenance, the towing of small vessels and removal of marine debris. Each AtoN vessel is equipped with a winch and crane to provide support for any situation.

The 12 metre AtoN work boats are made of aluminium and have a total displacement of approximately 9.8 tonnes. They have a full load endurance capability of up to 10 hours, whilst retaining speed and stability. Powered by 250hp Suzuki outboards, the vessels can travel at a maximum speed of 38 knots. These vessels are practical, manoeuverable and durable.

Birdon’s work safety policies ensured the safety and best practice of all staff who worked on the construction of these vessels.