Birdon is one of Australia’s leading shipyards for construction, repair and refit of small to medium sized vessels.

We have designed, lead and delivered a wide range of marine projects – including multi- million’ dollar luxury ship builds, multiple vessel production programs and maintenance programs.

Our highly qualified naval architects, marine engineers, shipwrights and other tradesmen are skilled in:

  • Survey docking and class survey inspections
  • New build design and construction
  • Hull modifications and repairs
  • Internal fit out and modifications
  • Lloyds-approved aluminium weldingand fabrication​
  • High quality steel fabrication and welding
  • Propulsion system installation and maintenance
  • Abrasive blasting and painting (International Paints)
  • Specialised marine fitting and machining
  • Mechanical ancillary and deck equipment maintenance
  • Hydraulic design, installation and maintenance
  • Engine, shaft and propeller service
  • Engine alignment services
  • Gear box couplings supply and fitting

Birdon’s facilities

Birdon’s extensive Port Macquarie shipyard – incorporating a dry dock, slipway and all-weather aluminium and steel fabrication sheds – allows several projects to be undertaken simultaneously.

We can accommodate vessels up to 450 tonnes on the slipway and 1000 tonnes in dry dock with a maximum width of 14 metres and a draft of 4 metres or less.

Our fabrication sheds include an all-weather, 800m2 aluminium fabrication facility as well as a separate, undercover steel fabrication facility which is suitable for vessels up to 50m in length. This are can also be extended for longer term projects.

Birdon’s Port Macquarie facility is licensed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week which allows for shift-work for time-critical projects.



  • “Fearless” Marine Rescue Vessel

  • Norfolk Island Passenger Transfer Vessels

  • Aid to Navigation Work Boats

  • US Army Bridge Erection Boats (BEB)

  • Bridge Erection Propulsion Boats

  • Port of Brisbane work boat

  • Captain Cook III

  • Newcastle Port Pilot Boat

  • Regional Patrol Craft

  • RMS Ferries

  • Settlement Point Ferry