Marine Spill Safety

At Birdon we take our environmental responsibility seriously and we are aware of our obligations relating to marine spill prevention. In the unlikely event of a marine spill emergency, the ability to successfully respond can be credited to a well prepared emergency response plan, which is something we regularly practice.

If a marine spill were to occur at Birdon’s shipyard our team is trained to follow the 3 Cs Plan:

  1. Control the spill;
  2. Contain the spill;
  3. Clean up the spill.

Birdon has specialised kits located for easy access in the event of an emergency. Each of these kits contains marine and land-based spill management products including booms, absorbent pads, personal protective equipment and a variety of absorbent agents.

Birdon’s proactive approach and IMS Certification is evidence of our commitment to quality and the environment.