ex-hmas sirius

Deploying a highly innovative end-of-life asset management solution, Birdon Group successfully addressed a challenge never before resolved in Australia; an environmentally controlled disposal of the largest maritime structure in Australia, ex-naval refuelling ship, the HMAS Sirius.

Utilising a world-first approach, Birdon efficiently decommissioned the vessel, in a challenging environment while maximising safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Birdon recovered and recycled 99.13% of materials.

The demolition of the 10,000 tonne Ex-HMAS Sirius was a complex, multi-faceted project involving a large-scale heavy lift in addition to all other aspects of disposal and demolition with significant additional complexities.

The Ex-HMAS Sirius was built as a double-hulled commercial product tanker, MV Delos, and purchased by the Commonwealth Government on 3 June 2004. During its life, the ship underwent modifications for underway replenishment. In addition, a flight deck was fitted for helicopter operations.

This vessel could carry over 34, 806cbm of fuel including 5, 486cbm of aviation fuel for use by Royal Australian Navy helicopters. It had transfer fuel points for fuel, water and stores all with associated equipment and connections.

Ex-HMAS Sirius was docked at the WA Government-owned Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia. Decommissioned in December 2021, after more than 15 years of dedicated service providing fuel and stores to ships at sea.

The Asset Management Council of Australasia awarded Birdon with their 2024 Asset Management Sustainability Award for the ex HMAS Sirius Deconstruction & Recycling Project. This award is based on Asset Management strategies, frameworks, projects or products that demonstrate commitment to embedding and delivering measurable sustainable outcomes – liveability, sustainability, affordability and resilience – aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Weight Reduction Works - Large sections were moved by Self Propelled Modulat Transporter (SPMT) to the Scrap Metal processing area
Scrap metal processing was undertaken primarily using Bridon's excavator mounted hydraulic shears
Sirius is ballasted to the seabed to ensure stability, and systematically cut in half using diamond wire saws, Broco cuting and plasma cutting methods

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