Birdon Awarded Baragoola Ferry Salvage Contract

PRESS RELEASE: For 61 Years, the Iconic Baragoola (Aboriginal word for “flood tide”) transported passengers between Manly and Sydney City, carrying millions of commuters.

On New Years day 2022 – The Baragoola sank at her berth six weeks shy of the centenary of her launching in 1922– as shipbuilders, it was sad to see the end of her illustrious career. Four and a half months on, Birdon has been awarded the contract from Transport for NSW to remove and dispose of the 500 ton Baragoola wreck.

Early salvage work has begun with the focus on the main timber superstructure. It’s a huge job requiring highly skilled personnel above and below the water operating specifically designed saws for subsea cutting.

Birdon will work with Transport for NSW to retain any heritage items, like the Baragoola’s propeller, helm, bell, or anchors.

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