Safety Milestones Celebrated with Donations to Local Community

Birdon’s ‘Make it Safe’ program is the driving force behind our efforts to ensure our workers go home safe, healthy, and with a sense of accomplishment that their efforts have helped keep their workmates safe.

The Make it Safe philosophy compliments the long standing Birdon attitude of ‘Make it Happen’. Our goal is always to deliver on our commitments without compromising the health and safety of our people.

The Make it Safe program is coordinated by our Make it Safe (MIS) Committee with members from all divisions of our business. At monthly safety meetings the MIS Committee, along with Birdon’s Marine and HSEQ Managers review safety goals and operational performance.

Birdon has established a program that allows our team to give back to our community by maintaining a safe work environment. Every 3 months, if our team achieves its safety improvement goals, Birdon will donate money to the program.

The Make it Safe Committee donates money to a charity or charities elected by the overall Birdon team. In 2020, the Birdon team chose to donate $1,000 each to Orange Sky and Rory Turnbull.

Orange Sky is a charity which provides free laundry, showers, and accommodation to the 116,000 people in Australia experiencing homelessness. The money donated will support people in Port Macquarie experiencing homelessness. Orange Sky provided an impact statement to show how the money donated will help people in Port Macquarie.

Rory Turnbull is two years old and is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Amy Turnbull, Rory’s mum, said they were “so appreciative” of the donation from Birdon’s employees.

The Birdon team is always looking for ways to be involved in our community and we are pleased we could offer some support to Orange Sky and Rory Turnbull.

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