Our Approach

Our Scope


Shipbuilding and repair, engineering and project management, dredging and shipping, disposals and marine construction.

Birdon’s project success is founded on a comprehensive Integrated Management System which has been independently certified to comply with:

Committed to the Health, Safety and the Environment

Birdon strives to provide a safe workplace for all through the implementation and monitoring of its Workplace Health and Safety Policy and procedures. We are also committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner – as reflected in our Environmental Policy and in accordance with our Environmental Protection Licence.

Pollution Incident Response

For more information please see attached Notification Protocol for Port Macquarie as outlined in our Pollution Incident Response Plan. Birdon’s contact number is 6589 9100. 

For more information please see attached PRIMP Notification Protocol for Garden Island Dredging Project. 


Environmental Licensing

NSW Environment Protection Licence 10891 (Birdon Pty Ltd, 4 Glen Ewan Road, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444)

NSW Environment Protection Licence 21078 (Birdon Pty Ltd, Settlement Shores Estate Canals, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444)

NSW Environment Protection Licence 21277 (Birdon Pty Ltd, Glebe Island, Rozelle, NSW 2039 (Sydney Harbour))

Pollution Monitoring Data

NSW Environment Protection Licence 10891 Pollution Monitoring Data.

NSW Environment Protection Licence 21078 Pollution Monitoring Data.

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