Maritime safety queensland aid TO NATIVATION (aton) WORKBOATS

The Queensland Government contracted Birdon to build 3, 12 metre Aid to Navigation (AtoN) workboats.

The ATON workboats are required by Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) for the installation and maintenance of Aids and for essential, general marine operations including oil spill response, waterways maintenance, the towing of small vessels and collection of marine debris.

Birdon built these boats in accordance with MSQ’s design drawings, successfully including all major items of machinery, equipment and related systems. The workboats comply with the requirements of Australia’s National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) and the Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Boat) National Law Act 2012 for operation in service category 2C with 2 crew and 4 passengers.

The 12m long vessels are made of aluminium and have a total displacement of approximately 9.8 tonnes. The vessels have a full load endurance capacity of up to 10 hours, whilst retinaing their speed and stability. The vessels can travel a maximum of 38 knots.

The practicality of these vessels is one of their most appealing features. Each AtoN vessel is equipped with a winch and crane, providing support for any situation. The manoeuverability, durability and precision outperform the vessels used previously for similar purposes.

Innovation was demonstrated through the development of a removal spud guide to assist in stabilising the vessels when servicing navigation aids. This innovation improves the safety of operations by reducing risk associated with sway when the crew are conducting operations.

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